Meet PolyRick

Rick “PolyRick” Broider is an Open Life Coach, sex educator, entrepreneur and Lifestyle Influencer who once lived as a straight-laced family man.

After 20 years of monogamous, married life while raising four sons as a single dad, he began his journey of self discovery.

For he better part of a decade, PolyRick has appeared at several sex-positive/ kink friendly international events to provide guidance to the uninitiated and present workshop and seminars on all forms of ethical Non-Monogamy and BDSM/Kink.

He presents on various topics, from intimacy and holistic wellness, to  power exchange and rough sexy play. No matter what topic he represents, there is always focus on safety, fulfillment and enthusiastic consent.

PolyRick is actively rolling out a new lifestyle education series called “SwinkLife – Where Swingers and Kink Come Together”.

PolyRick also works with Fantasy-for-Hire services, helping ethical perverts bring their deepest desires
and fantasies to life. He is known in the Kink community for his dynamic, intimate and highly creative
scenes that bridge the gaps between fetish performance, fantasy, reality and exhibitionism.

When not presenting, PolyRick helps single and partnered people navigate through their sex-periences through his
work as an Open Life Coach. He provides guidance on opening existing relationships, understanding
jealousy and entering the lifestyle.

In his former life, PolyRick held many diverse positions, from a military weapons specialist and tactical state law enforcement officer, to certified network engineer and executive, he was even a pro mixed martial arts (MMA) cage fighter.​

He has also launched several start-up companies and made several televised media appearances on internationally syndicated programs (e.g. ABC’s “Wife Swap” and NBC’s “America’s Toughest Jobs”).

Nowadays, he's blessed to have the opportunity to help people evolve their relationships and explore their sexual superpowers as he travels the world as a polyamorous, kinky sex educator.

(737) 241-9585

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