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Aside from being a Mobile Podcast Producer working to give others a voice, Rick currently hosts two podcasts. 


Evolve, Expand & Explore w/ Rick Broider

"Evolve, Expand & Explore w/ Rick Broider" brings you thought provoking insights centered around achieving total holistic well being and becoming your highest self. 

This show aims to motivate listeners to make positive inner changes towards a purposeful,  healthier and more fulfilling life based on joy and abundance.

Evolve your consciousness, Expand your relationships and Explore your passions and true life purpose with Rick Broider. 

Many discussions involve inspirational guest Lifestyle Influencers and include topics like following your passion, re-discovering intimacy, self healing, personal wellness coaching.

This show is currently in production with a launch date of Q4, 2019.

The Everything Sexy Show with PolyRick

"The Everything Sexy Show w/ PolyRick", A podcast that takes you on a journey of open-mindedness and sex-positivity.

This adult-orientated informative and fun show covers topics ranging from opening existing relationships to ethical non-monogamy, understanding jealousy, polyamory, swinging, entering the kink/BDSM scene, navigating sex parties, gender and sexual fluidity, group sex,  masturbation, and more... Always without censorship and judgment.

NOTE: Episodes 1-20 of The Everything Sexy Show was originally configured for a specific network radio format and featured co-host Jamal Edwards (of Second Coming with Reverend Jamal). The show will relaunch soon on a traditional podcast format without breaks featuring PolyRick and various special guest Lifestyle Influencers.


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